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We provide formative and summative evaluation studies using a combination of quantitative and qualitative methodologies designed to inform program practices and policy decisions.
Maike & Associates has been responsible for the management and evaluation of several large-scale evaluation projects including those that are supported by federal grants (e.g., USDoE, SAMHSA, DOJ, OJJDP), operate in multiple and diverse locations, and involve external cross-site evaluators.
We design and conduct comprehensive needs assessments to help our clients make effective decisions about programs and to support strategic planning.
We develop and write highly competitive grant proposal with a proven track record of success. We can assist with the writing of federal, state, and non-profit grant proposals including logic models, goals and objectives, and short and longer-term outcomes.  
Data collection, analysis, & visualization
In collaboration with our clients, we design data collection systems to meet performance reporting requirements; conduct statistical analysis using both descriptive and advanced statistical methods; and, interpret data findings. Results are presented in a variety of formats – text, tables, graphics – to meet the needs of multiple stakeholders.
Data-based decision-making
It’s one thing to collect data, it’s another to use that information to streamline and strengthen program practices and policies. We work with our clients to increase their knowledge and skills to better understand and use data to make program and policies more efficient and effective.
Survey research & focus groups
We develop, distribute, analyze and report both paper and online surveys. In addition, we work with clients to plan focus groups and interviews, facilitate these, and analyze results.
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