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Michelle M. Maike, MA
Owner | Director
Megan B. Osborne, MPP
Research Associate

Michelle M. Maike, MA, Director, has more than 20-years of experience in applied research, evaluation, and planning. She is highly experienced in the conduct of process and impact evaluations, qualitative and quantitative research methods, simple and multivariate data analysis, working within education, criminal and juvenile justice, government and community-based settings. Her background includes evaluation research related to mental health, substance abuse, juvenile justice, child abuse and neglect, and K-12 education. In addition to being an experienced program evaluator, Ms. Maike has also been involved with the design and conduct of extensive survey work, needs assessments, program reviews and project development, and staff development and training. She received her Master’s degree from the University of Washington-Tacoma in Interdisciplinary Studies, with an emphasis in policy analysis.

Megan has a Master of Public Policy from Oregon State University, with an emphasis in Social Policy. Her previous work experience includes six years in the Oregon State Legislature. As a Policy Advisor in the Oregon Senate, she was responsible for researching and producing policy briefs in the areas of education, rural communities, and support for low-income individuals and families. Since joining Maike & Associates in 2014, Megan has gained knowledge and experience in evaluation and planning, with her work focused in the areas of school-based services and supports and mental health.

Lexi M. Gill, MS
Research Assistant

Lexi Gill  earned a Master of Science in Criminal Justice and Criminology from the University of Missouri – Kansas City. She is currently completing her PhD program at the University of South Florida, Department of Criminology in the fall (2019). She has previous experience in criminal justice research throughout her studies being a Graduate Research Assistant. Specifically, she has worked with law enforcement agencies to provide social network analysis to inform intervention and suppression strategies to reduce gun and gang violence. Lexi joined Maike & Associates, LLC in November 2018. 

areas of focus




Drop-out Prevention

Violence Prevention

Bully Prevention

Social-Emotional Learning

Behavioral Health & Wellness

Mental Health Services

(school & community based)

Substance Abuse Services 

(school & community based)

Multi-tiered Systems of Support

Case Studies

Juvenile & Criminal Justice

Delinquency Prevention

Re-entry / Re-integration

(Juvenile & Adult)

Strategic Planning

Group/Gang Prevention & Intervention

Innovative Policing Strategies

Crime Research & Analysis

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